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3 Benefits of Playing Outdoor Sports

Posted on August 27, 2020 in Bookapitch Blog

Outdoor sports are clearly tons of fun, but did you know they have a considerable amount of other benefits? Here at Bookapitch, it’s our mission to get people exercising through our online sports facility management and booking software. One of the best ways to exercise is to get outside with a team and play. Not only are you bound to have a great time, but you’ll experience positives ranging from health to your social life.

Benefit 1: Playing Outdoor Sports Improves Physical Health

It’s been made clear through research that consistent exercise is good for your body and is key to living a long, healthy life. Exercising outdoors has been found to increase Vitamin D levels, which leads to healthy bones, a healthy immune system, and a healthy mind. It is also believed to be beneficial to heart health and blood pressure, as well as improving sleep and naturally boosting energy levels.

Benefit 2: Playing Outdoor Sports Benefits Mental Wellbeing

Exercising outdoors and playing outdoor sports has been found to increase blood flow to the brain, having a myriad of positive impacts on mental health and wellbeing. It lowers stress and has been linked to lower levels of depression and anxiety, and benefits individuals with various mental and cognitive conditions.

Spending time outdoors is shown to increase emotional and physiological wellbeing, and playing on a team has been shown to improve mental health due to its social benefits that provide a sense of community and belonging, better sleep due to increased physical activity, and encouragement of resilience and positive values.

Benefit 3: Playing Outdoor Sports Benefits the Community

Playing outdoor sports doesn’t just benefit the body and the mind, it benefits the greater community around us. Outdoor sports have been associated with personal development of young people, increase of prosocial behaviour in individuals, and prevention and reduction of crime.

It also engages active citizenship by means of volunteering, encourages inclusion of individuals from all ages and backgrounds, and boosts local community identity and pride. Not only does it benefit the community on a social level, but an environmental level as well, as playing outdoor sports fosters an improved sense of environmental awareness and increases environmental education.

The Takeaway

Whether you’re involved in outdoor sports just to have some fun or if you’re a seasoned professional athlete, everyone can reap the benefits of getting outside and playing. We’re here to make playing outdoor sports more accessible for everyone by making it easier to access and book sports facilities. If you’re interested in bringing this service to your local facility, book a demo and let’s get in touch!

Interested in learning more of the research behind this blog post? You can read the full study here.