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How to Market Your Sports Facilities

If you’re a venue with sports facilities for hire, it’s definitely worth thinking about new ways to market your sports facilities.
Posted January 2021 in Bookapitch Blog

Here's How to Plan Your Sports Facility's Reopening After Lockdown.

Here's how to plan your sports facility's reopening as Ireland and England exit lockdown.
Posted December 2020 in Bookapitch Blog

Free Webinar Event: The Impacts of COVID-19 on Sports Facilities

Sign up for our free webinar on the impacts of COVID-19 on Sports Facilities today!
Posted December 2020 in Bookapitch Blog

3 Ways to use nutrition to elevate your game

It’s very important to be properly fuelled when you are exercising. Not only will it make you feel better, but it can truly bring your game to the next level.
Posted November 2020 in Bookapitch Blog

5 Sports around the world you might not know about

Today, we're showcasing some of the most interesting sports that you probably haven't heard of.
Posted October 2020 in Bookapitch Blog

These sports tech companies are pairing athletics with innovation

We're breaking down some of the coolest companies out there that are bringing together the world of tech with the sports industry.
Posted October 2020 in Bookapitch Blog

The 5 Coolest Sports Facilities in the World

Today on the blog, we’re breaking down 5 of the most incredible sports venues across the globe.
Posted September 2020 in Bookapitch Blog

Here’s Why You Should Consider a 3G Football Pitch

When looking for the best pitch for your facility, considering a 3G football pitch is a great option. We’re breaking down 5 reasons why your facility should consider switching to a 3G pitch.
Posted September 2020 in Bookapitch Blog

3 Benefits of Playing Outdoor Sports

Outdoor sports are clearly tons of fun, but did you know they have a considerable amount of other benefits? At Bookapitch, it’s our mission to get people exercising through our online sports facility management and booking software.
Posted August 2020 in Bookapitch Blog

IT Carlow Manages Online Sports Facility Bookings with Bookapitch

This week on Feature Friday, we're showcasing the state of the art astro pitches at IT Carlow.
Posted August 2020 in Feature Friday

New Feature: Request Documents From Your Customers

You can now ask your customers to provide required (or optional) documents during the booking process.
Posted August 2020 in Features

Larne FC make the switch to online bookings

Major football club in Northern Ireland switch to online sports facility management system.
Posted July 2020 in Feature Friday

Brand New Astro Pitch Moves to Online Sports Facility Management Software

This pitch has decided to move to our online sports facility management software, saving them time, earning them more revenue, and making the booking progress seamless and easy to use.
Posted July 2020 in Feature Friday

5 best sports documentaries

With the cancellation of live sports around the world, we're turning to sports documentaries to get our sports fix.
Posted June 2020 in Entertainment

How to maximise your sports facilities revenue

Are you maximising the revenue from your sports facilities? Are your sports facilities being fully utilised all year round?
Posted May 2020 in Top tips

3 important reasons to stop dealing in cash

Cash as a method of paying for sports facilities is declining rapidly. These are the 3 key reasons why.
Posted May 2020 in Top tips

5 ways to improve your sports facilities social media

Think of your social media account like the cover of your book! It’s often the first impression people get of you, so it’s important that the information up there is accurate and up-to-date.
Posted April 2020 in Tricks of the Trade

What is a sinking fund and do you need one?

Do you have a sinking fund for your sports facilities? What happens when your tennis court or all-weather pitch needs to be resurfaced?
Posted March 2020 in Top tips