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Here's how your sports facilities can thrive in post-lockdown UK.

Posted on April 19, 2021 in Bookapitch Blog

Now that the lockdown has been lifted in the UK, sports have returned. We’re sharing the best ways you can ensure your sports facilities thrive as they reopen.

Ensure you’re accepting online bookings.

Everyone is likely to be eager to get back to sport, which means if you’re not accepting online bookings your phones and emails will be flooded with booking inquiries. Keep things simple and make sure your facility is set up to accept online bookings through a sports facility software or online booking inquiry form.

Display a public availability calendar.

After not being able to play sport for months, customers are going to be eager to get back to playing. With an online availability calendar, they can go onto your venue’s website and see what slots are available to book. It will save both them and you time by eliminating any back and forth about availability.

Stop dealing in cash.

Cash as a method of paying for sports facilities is declining rapidly and for good reason.

Did you know there are more germs on a £1 coin than a toilet seat? Ever since COVID-19 hit, cash became a bit of a dirty word… which is why it’s unsurprising that it’s usage dropped quickly after the virus hit. The UK’s largest network of ATMs reporting that cash usage dropped by 60%.

Cash is now a sanitation concern as well as poses security and accounting complications that can be hard to manage. When you allow your customers to pay by credit card online, you’re mitigating the health risk and ensuring you get paid on time & without the risk of no-shows or bad debts.

Make sure you have time between bookings for social distancing.

Many venues are requiring time slots in between bookings to allow for social distancing and for any necessary sanitation processes, so ensure you’re accounting for this time in your booking slots. Create an announcement on your online booking page for participants to become aware of time restrictions, and try to block out time slots on your online calendar for social distancing.

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