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These sports tech companies are pairing athletics with innovation

Posted on October 1, 2020 in Bookapitch Blog

The business of sport has come a long way – no longer is it only team merchandise or branded sport video games, but it’s now a platform for innovation and cutting edge technology used to enhance performance and elevate the experience for both the players and the fans. We’re breaking down some of the coolest companies out there that are bringing together the world of tech with the sports industry.


This Australian-based company created wearable technology that is designed to analyse an athlete’s performance at all levels of the game. It does everything from monitoring the intensity at which the athlete is playing, mitigating injury risk, and supporting the rehabilitation process.


Vicis creates undeniably cool looking American football helmets, but what’s really incredible is what these helmets are designed to do. They combine cutting edge science, technology, and athletics research to find the most innovative football helmets on the market to optimise performance and reduce risk of injury.

Danu Sports

Coined as a “force plate on your feet,” these smart socks are designed to give athletes a gate analysis wherever they may be – no scientific lab required. Their gate analyses are designed to help athletes maximise their performance, monitor fatigue, and assist in rehabilitation after injury.


Sportlogic brings machine learning and artificial intelligence to produce analytics for elite sports teams so they can constantly improve and edge out the competition. They currently work with ice hockey, soccer, and American football teams to provide actionable insights from raw data.

**Can’t make it to your local match but still want to watch? Pixellot has revolutionised sports streaming by making it affordable to get high quality streaming of matches all around the world at every level. Now, clubs and organisations can stream their matches to their fans, no matter where they are. Especially now that many matches are happening behind closed doors due to COVID-19, affordable streaming is more important than ever.

**It’s clear that these companies are changing the game by bringing innovative technology to the world of sport. We’re thrilled to be a part of this exciting world of sports innovation by producing our own cloud-based sports facility software!

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