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Pitch Manager is a Sports Booking Platform for Venues that have very busy pitches and sports facilities but want to manage them online internally and not rent them to the public.

Pitch Manager Pro provides all the functionality of Pitch Manager but also enables Venues to advertise and rent their pitches and sports facilities online to the public.

Yes. Bookapitch enables Venue Administrators to set their facilities up as “Request Only”. This means Venues can approve any online booking requests. Similarly, Administrators can also restrict the number of weeks that someone can book their sports facilities online.
No. The Sports Booking System can be used to manage all Sports Facilities including Sports Halls, Tennis & Squash Courts, etc. It can also be used to manage non-sports facilities like Meeting Rooms.
All online bookings by Credit or Debit Card are processed by Stripe. The Venue receives the money into their Stripe account straight away.
No. Bookapitch is a cloud-based Sports Booking Platform. You don’t need to download or install any software. It can be accessed anywhere and at any time.
There are no additional costs for Pitch Manager. For Pitch Manager Pro customers, there is a 5% fee for your online bookings. For new bookings that are generated via Bookapitch.com, we charge 5%.
No. You can stop using either Pitch Manager or Pitch Manager Pro at any time.

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